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authFullName_s : Torsten Wappler
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A new triadotypid insect from the Late Triassic of South Africa

Isabelle Deregnaucourt , Torsten Wappler , John M. Anderson , Olivier Bethoux
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 2017, 62 (3), pp.613-618. ⟨10.4202/app.00345.2017⟩
Journal articles hal-01625359v1

The First Representative of the Roachoid Family Spiloblattinidae (Insecta, Dictyoptera) from the Late Pennsylvanian of the Iberian Peninsula

André Nel , Artai Santos , Antonio Hernández-Orúe , Torsten Wappler , José Diez , et al.
Insects, 2022, 13 (828), ⟨10.3390/insects13090828⟩
Journal articles mnhn-04038905v1

Plant–insect and –fungal interactions in Taxodium-like wood fossils from the Oligocene of southwestern China

Weiyudong Deng , Dario de Franceschi , Xiaoting Xu , Cédric del Rio , Shook Ling Low , et al.
Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology, 2022, 302, pp.104669. ⟨10.1016/j.revpalbo.2022.104669⟩
Journal articles hal-03651816v1

The Molteno Formation (South Africa), a testimony of the diversity of Triassic Odonata

Isabelle Deregnaucourt , Jérémie Bardin , Torsten Wappler , John M. Anderson , Olivier Bethoux
8th International Conference on fossil insects, arthropods & amber, Apr 2019, Saint Domingue, Dominican Republic
Conference papers mnhn-03516330v1

Leaf-mimicking katydids from the Middle Miocene of Yunnan, southwestern China (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae)

André Nel , Bo Wang , Michael Engel , Jian Huang , Lin-Bo Jia , et al.
Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 2020, 94 (2), pp.255-261. ⟨10.1007/s12542-019-00488-5⟩
Journal articles mnhn-03992815v1

First record of insects in lignite-bearing formations (upper Eocene) of the central German Leipzig Embayment

Lutz Kunzmann , Christian Müller , Karolin Moraweck , Dorothea Bräutigam , Torsten Wappler , et al.
Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 2017, 91 (3), pp.315-326. ⟨10.1007/s12542-017-0367-3⟩
Journal articles mnhn-03975153v1
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Author Correction: Exceptional preservation of internal organs in a new fossil species of freshwater shrimp (Caridea: Palaemonoidea) from the Eocene of Messel (Germany)

Valentin de Mazancourt , Torsten Wappler , Sonja Wedmann
Scientific Reports, 2023, 13, pp.5943. ⟨10.1038/s41598-023-32986-7⟩
Journal articles hal-04067911v1

Insect and Plant Diversity in Hot-Spring Ecosystems during the Jurassic-Cretaceous Boundary from Spain (Aguilar Fm., Palencia)

Artai Santos , André Nel , Iván Rodríguez-Barreiro , Luis Sender , Torsten Wappler , et al.
Biology, 2022, 11 (273), ⟨10.3390/biology11020273⟩
Journal articles mnhn-04038750v1

The wing venation of the Protomyrmeleontidae (Insecta: Odonatoptera) reconsidered thanks to a new specimen from Molteno (Triassic; South Africa)

Isabelle Deregnaucourt , Torsten Wappler , John Anderson , Olivier Bethoux
Historical Biology, 2021, 33 (3), pp.306-312. ⟨10.1080/08912963.2019.1616291⟩
Journal articles mnhn-02922557v1

The Triassic Mesophlebiidae, a little closer to the crown of the Odonata (Insecta) than other ‘triassolestids’

Ayla Tierney , Isabelle Deregnaucourt , John Anderson , Paul Tierney , Torsten Wappler , et al.
Alcheringa, 2020, 44 (2), pp.279-285. ⟨10.1080/03115518.2020.1730964⟩
Journal articles mnhn-02922549v1

Late Carboniferous insects from the Iberian Peninsula: State of the art and new taxa

Artai Santos , Antonio Hernández-Orúe , Torsten Wappler , Enrique Peñalver , José Diez , et al.
Palaeontographica Abteilung A, 2023, 326 (1-6), pp.1-27. ⟨10.1127/pala/2022/0135⟩
Journal articles mnhn-04038877v1

New fossil insects from the Anisian (Lower to Middle Muschelkalk) from the Central European Basin (Germany and The Netherlands)

Timo van Eldijk , Gerard Goris , Adam Haarhuis , Jos Lankamp , Herman Winkelhorst , et al.
Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 2017, 91 (2), pp.185-194. ⟨10.1007/s12542-017-0343-y⟩
Journal articles mnhn-03975177v1

Morphological and Behavioral Convergence in Extinct and Extant Bugs: The Systematics and Biology of a New Unusual Fossil Lace Bug from the Eocene

Torsten Wappler , Eric Guilbert , Conrad Labandeira , Thomas Hörnschemeyer , Sonja Wedmann
PLoS ONE, 2015, 10 (8), pp.e0133330. ⟨10.1371/journal.pone.0133330⟩
Journal articles hal-03878143v1
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The paralic Albian–Cenomanian Puy-Puy Lagerstätte (Aquitaine Basin, France): an overview and new data

Didier Neraudeau , Romain Vullo , Pierre Bénéfice , Gérard Breton , Éric Dépré , et al.
Cretaceous Research, 2020, 111, pp.Art. n°104124. ⟨10.1016/j.cretres.2019.03.022⟩
Journal articles insu-02088578v1

The earliest known holometabolous insects

André Nel , Patrick Roques , Patricia Nel , Alexander A. Prokin , Thierry Bourgoin , et al.
Nature, 2013, 503 (7475), pp.257+. ⟨10.1038/nature12629⟩
Journal articles hal-01546398v1

The taxonomic impediment: a shortage of taxonomists, not the lack of technical approaches

Michael Engel , Luis Ceríaco , Gimo Daniel , Pablo Dellapé , Ivan Löbl , et al.
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2021, 193 (2), pp.381-387. ⟨10.1093/zoolinnean/zlab072⟩
Journal articles hal-03886865v1
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Exceptional preservation of internal organs in a new fossil species of freshwater shrimp (Caridea: Palaemonoidea) from the Eocene of Messel (Germany)

Valentin de Mazancourt , Torsten Wappler , Sonja Wedmann
Scientific Reports, 2022, 12 (1), pp.18114. ⟨10.1038/s41598-022-23125-9⟩
Journal articles hal-03835836v1
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An integrative phylogenomic approach illuminates the evolutionary history of cockroaches and termites (Blattodea)

Dominic A Evangelista , Benjamin Wipfler , Olivier Bethoux , Alexander Donath , Mari Fujita , et al.
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 2019, 286 (1895), pp.20182076
Journal articles hal-02521765v1

Evolutionary history and divergence times of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) revealed through transcriptomics

Manpreet Kohli , Harald Letsch , Carola Greve , Olivier Bethoux , Isabelle Deregnaucourt , et al.
Journal articles mnhn-03426299v1